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Updating a MySQL Field Based on its Row’s Position in a Select

Let’s say you have the following data in a table: Now, what if we wanted to update the position value of each row to match the order if we were to sort by name…

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Overriding Image Field Attribute Forms

Another quick example for you… Here’s what the default image field form looks like, if you have enabled alt and title attributes: One way to modify the titles and help text (descriptions) of the Alternate text and Title attributes here

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Applescript to Interact with iTerm2

iTerm2 has decent support for Applescript. You can work with sessions, profiles, tabs, and more through Applescript. I only have one example, but it’s something I use in the real-world, so maybe it’ll help someone else. The following script will

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Sorting by Specific Fields with Apache Solr

Recently I had to configure an Apache Solr search page to have the results sorted by a date field. We’re using the apachesolr module, which has a number of useful hooks, two of which we’ll use to accomplish this custom sort.

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Userscript: Hulu Right-Click for Pop Out Video

Hulu’s default rather large video player is usually too big for my needs. I prefer the “Pop Out” player. So, I often load the large video, click the cog wheel, move my mouse to the “popout” link, click it, then

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