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Drupal AJAX Framework with Multiple Instances of a Form

I recently encountered a unique issue with AJAX-ified form elements in Drupal. We’re building a site that shows the same form twice on a single page. I’m rendering both forms in two separate blocks; one appears at the top of

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“Create Evernote Note” from Chrome Tab using Keyboard Maestro

Here’s an example of a macro that creates an Evernote note out of the current Chrome browser tab. My goal was to just throw the current page into Evernote with its page title as the note title, and its URL

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Chrome Extension: CopyAllURLs – Share all tabs in current window

Have you ever wanted to share (or save-for-later) all of the tabs you’re viewing in a Chrome window? I highly recommend the CopyAllURLs extension. The configuration is easy and powerful, and it works very well to export/copy (and import/paste, which opens

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