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Hiding Country from an Address Field’s Output in Drupal 8

There are two field formatters available on an Address field in Drupal 8: The Plain formatter uses a Twig template file but it would take some work to override with the proper markup. The Default formatter doesn’t use a Twig

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Tideways and Xhgui in Valet+ (Valet Plus)

This post is for folks who are already familiar with PHP, command line, Valet, Tideways and XHGui. You can see some explanation and screenshots of Tideways and Xhgui in my Tideways and Xhgui using Dev Desktop post if you need a bit

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Access Entity Properties in a Field Twig Template

This doesn’t need much of an explanation. You can use any entity methods as far as I can tell. Here’s an example showing how to get the node ID in a field template:


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