What is Reddit? These four videos do a fantastic job explaining what Reddit is, and how to begin using it.

After you watch the videos, please scroll down to see my additional tips, tricks, and other info.

Recommended Apps

On a mobile device I highly recommend you use an app for your Reddit experience. Browsing the website in your mobile browser is a bad idea, given how well the apps work.

Mobile Apps

  1. iOS: Alien Blue or BaconReader
  2. Android: Relay Pro is what I’ve landed on after testing many apps. The interface is clean and the app is fast.


  1. You should install Reddit Enhancement Suite (RES) in your browser. Frankly, browsing on your desktop stinks without this plugin.

User Accounts

To create an account, simply go to and click the “create an account” link at the top right.

You can create as many accounts as you want on Reddit. You are only required to provide a username and a password. My “public” account is what I use to carry out my day-to-day activity on Reddit; this account is associated with my email address and my mobile app. I have used a few “throwaway” accounts in the past (no email address tied to them) to ask questions or participate in discussions in which I wanted to remain anonymous. It works wonderfully for this. It’s a major selling point to be able to communicate with others online anonymously, as this is hard to find elsewhere.

Using Reddit – General Tips

You’ll learn more about Reddit by exploring it yourself than you will by reading what I write here. I will post a few pointers, though.

  1. After creating an account, I suggest you edit your subreddit subscriptions to get rid of any you aren’t interested in. You can do this by clicking the “EDIT »” link at the right of the top bar on the site. If you’re using the RES, click the pencil icon, then “Edit frontpage subscriptions”
  2. Some reddit interface elements

    “Flair” is unique for you per-subreddit. For example, in the Maine subreddit, my flair is “Southern Maine”. The subscribe link does what you’d imagine.

    Search box

    Sidebar of homepage has a search box

    Subreddits are at the core of how Reddit is organized. You will surely want to subscribe to various subreddits. There are a few ways to find subreddits. The easiest way, in my experience, is to do a search for a topic, which will provide a few ways into the subreddit. Also, there’s the actual subreddit search.

  3. When you vote, comment, submit text or links, save posts, and do other activities this information gets tracked on your account. You can view all of this by clicking your username at the top of the page.  It’s good to know that the system will keep track of all of this for you, so you don’t have to worry about bookmarking things for later… it’ll all be there for you without any extra effort.