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Devel Generate Text Settings

Devel Generate, which is part of the Devel module, makes it really simple to create dummy entities in Drupal. It’ll create everything from users to taxonomy terms to nodes. It does a great job of populating most field types (including

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Hiding fieldsets in a form using hook_form_alter()

The following examples shows how to hide fields/fieldsets in forms using hook_form_alter(). I suggest using the devel module to determine how to target your field(s) or fieldset(s). You can add a dpm($form) to the function during development and testing.

Note that this will prevent

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Changing the Title of a Node Add/Edit Page

The following example shows one way of changing the title on add/edit pages for a specified content type. We’ll accomplish this using hook_form_alter() in a custom module.

I suggest using the devel module dpm() function, or just php print-ing the $form_id variable at

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