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Triggers in iTerm – Watching For Specific Strings

I was recently performing a git-add in patch mode (  git add -p ) as I normally do, and realized there were a few lines I needed to make sure I didn’t commit. These lines were sandwiched between other lines that I did want

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Automatically Stage All Deleted Files (Git)

Tab-completion is a really nice thing that we often take for granted. While working with Git I’ve found that it becomes inconvenient to stage (add for inclusion in the next commit) removed files using git rm path/to/my/file.php. Tab completion doesn’t

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Using Vimdiff with Git

​UPDATED: Check out “git difftool” which makes this process much cleaner (than the commands I previously had listed here). Basically, you can tell git what to use as a diff tool and it’ll let you do things like:

Here is how

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