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Microphone Enable/Disable with Alert – Keyboard Maestro Macro

In the past I’ve used Shush to achieve a push-to-talk or push-to-silence setup on my Mac. It works alright but more often than not I forget which mode I’m in, or whether I’m silenced or not. This leads to awkward

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QuickLook Slow in Mavericks?

Is your QuickLook painfully slow after upgrading to Mavericks? Until there’s a solution from Apple, if you’re on a mac with a Retina display try this: Open the Applications directory in Finder Right-click the application Preview Select Get Info. Enable/check the Open in Low Resolution.

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“755”-style permissions with ‘ls’

After a quick Google search for “ls permissions octal” I found a very handy alias to put in my .bashrc. Not only is it handy to see the OCTAL value of the permissions for each file/dir, it will undoubtedly help

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