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Chrome Extension: CopyAllURLs – Share all tabs in current window

Have you ever wanted to share (or save-for-later) all of the tabs you’re viewing in a Chrome window? I highly recommend the CopyAllURLs extension. The configuration is easy and powerful, and it works very well to export/copy (and import/paste, which opens all of the links in your clipboard) all of the tabs. You are free to use HTML in the output, which is awesome. Copying all of the tabs and sharing them is a breeze, and the output looks great. Pasting into an email, Evernote, or whatever works as expected, preserving the links and formatting (if you enable the HTML mime type option). I’ve got mine setup to export into this format:

Drupal – Open Source CMS |

Copy All Urls – Chrome Web Store

Here are the settings I use. They may not work for you, but I’m happy with them.



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