Setting Drupal 8 Node Properties with Behat

The title of this post could also have been “Opening and Closing a Details Element with Behat” or “Clicking Any Element with Behat”.

The Drupal 8 node add/edit screen has a number properties on the right side of the screen. I wanted to use Behat to click the “Provide a menu link” checkbox. On page load this MENU SETTINGS pane is closed like the others.

Here’s an example:

Node add/edit

The “URL SETTINGS”, “MENU SETTINGS”, actually mask a <details>  element.

The “MENU SETTINGS” markup looks like this:

Menu settings markup

I expected to be able to write a few lines of Behat like this:

Unfortunately this results in the failure: element not interactable.

So, I thought I may need to first click to open the MENU SETTINGS pane so that I can see the checkbox before I try to click it. I modified my code to look like this:

Unfortunately this results in the failure: Link with id|title|alt|text “Menu settings” not found.

I tried using the edit-menu  id, “MENU SETTINGS” in all caps, etc. but it always resulted in the same “Link with …”

I realized the click step is only looking for links.


I added a new step definition to my features/bootstrap/FeatureContext.php file:

I updated my Behat code and found success!

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