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    Allowing Users to Cancel Their Own Commerce Licenses

    UPDATE: I’ve written a contrib module called Commerce License Cancel to get the ball rolling to make this a community effort. Read on if you’d like to see how I got there.

    There’s been some talk in the issue queue for Commerce License Billing about needing a way for users to cancel their own licenses. Here are some pieces and parts that I’m using to achieve this. This is a work in progress and I’m really just posting here so I can provide a clean link in the issue queue. Sorry for the lack of detailed explanations; hopefully you still find this helpful.

    There’s already a method to “revoke” a user license. When you revoke a license, the recurring billing should close out automatically and the role granted (if it’s a licensed role) will be taken away from the user.

    The site I’m working on has just a few “membership plans” or levels that a user can purchase. For this reason, I could hardcode a few things. It’d take a LOT more work to make this stuff ready for the masses.