• Development

    Quickly Implement a Block as a Paragraph in Drupal 7

    Disclaimer: As with most tasks in Drupal, there are several ways to do this. My goal here was to see how quickly it could be done without writing code and without introducing unnecessary complexity.

    Goal — quickly implement a newsletter listing (using Views) that can be dropped into any paragraph field and can have a unique title per use.

    The output would be a simple block from Views. We already use Display Suite, so naturally we use a DS-centric approach.

  • Development

    Importing Paragraph Content with Feeds in Drupal 7

    As I write this, there isn’t an established way to import data into Paragraphs using Feeds.

    This solution only caters to my particular fields, but it should serve as an example of one way to import HTML content into a basic “textarea” paragraph.


    My goal was to import HTML content into a Basic page content type as a basic textarea paragraph item. The original data is from a Drupal 7 typical “body” field, and I want to import the data into a paragraphs-based body field.