• Development

    Tideways and Xhgui in Valet+ (Valet Plus)

    This post is for folks who are already familiar with PHP, command line, Valet, Tideways and XHGui.

    You can see some explanation and screenshots of Tideways and Xhgui in my Tideways and Xhgui using Dev Desktop post if you need a bit of an introduction.

    I’ve successfully gotten Tideways running with Acquia Dev Desktop, Lando, and now Valet+. This post illustrates the process I used to get Tideways, Xhgui, and their dependencies running on my Mac for use in Valet+ sites.

  • Development

    Valet+ Quickstart for Drupal Development

    Here’s a README.md file that I’ve developed over time. It explains how I setup and use Valet+ for quick and powerful Drupal development.

    Sorry for the formatting. I’ll get markdown support on my blog sometime…