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Triggers in iTerm – Watching For Specific Strings

I was recently performing a git-add in patch mode (  git add -p ) as I normally do, and realized there were a few lines I needed to make sure I didn’t commit. These lines were sandwiched between other lines that I did want

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Autocomplete in iTerm2

This is a really quick tip that could save you tons of time in iTerm2. If you use any auto-completion you know how important it is to your workflow. Personally, I rely heavily on omni and generic completion in Vim.

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Applescript to Interact with iTerm2

iTerm2 has decent support for Applescript. You can work with sessions, profiles, tabs, and more through Applescript. I only have one example, but it’s something I use in the real-world, so maybe it’ll help someone else. The following script will

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