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    Using GROUP_CONCAT to Combine Rows in a Drupal Query

    Recently I was working on a D7 to D8 migration. I was trying to import news items and their taxonomy terms (among many other things). To make things simple I wanted the query results to have (for each node) a single field that contained a comma-separated list of taxonomy terms which I could then explode during the row processing. Using GROUP_CONCAT we can achieve this! Let’s break it down:

    The Drupal 7 site has the following structure (focusing on the important bits for this blog post):

    The migration relies on the d7_node migrate source plugin, which basically queries for nodes of a specific type. The query object looks like this (simplified for this blog post):

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    User-chosen Field Output Styles in 5 minutes using Display Suite

    I’m working on a site that has a “Statistics” paragraph bundle. The output looks like this:

    The specification calls for the content author to be able to choose between a few different visual styles for the header (title), shown asĀ Statistics: 3 Up Feature Ipsum Sit H2 in the screenshot above.

    The simplest way to achieve this is to add a field to the paragraph bundle:

    Note that the key (key|value) needs to work as a css class.