• Tech Tips

    “755”-style permissions with ‘ls’

    After a quick Google search for “ls permissions octal” I found a very handy alias to put in my .bashrc. Not only is it handy to see the OCTAL value of the permissions for each file/dir, it will undoubtedly help you more quickly recognize/interpret the normal ls -al output.

     Example usage:
    You can also type (or paste) this slightly different version into terminal:
  • Development

    Creating a Module (D6)

    This example shows how to create a custom module for a site. We typically create one custom catch-all module that we can use for one-off site customizations where we don’t need to create a unique module. If they are general site tweaks that cannot go in template.php, we put them here. Please read the book Pro Drupal Development for a much better understanding of how all of this (and everything else Drupal) works! DrupalBook.com. It is an amazing reference tool for daily usage, as well as a complete walk-through of how to take advantage of the power of Drupal.