Entity Reference Referrer – Getting Entity Reference’s Parent/Referrer Entity ID and Type

Out-of-the-box, the Entity Reference module doesn’t provide a way to access the referrer entity’s fields from within the referenced entity. I have two ways of doing this. The first is to patch the entityreference module (not ideal unless this patch went out to the community via proper channels; perhaps I should get on that?). The second is to mimic entityreference’s “Rendered entity” field formatter but modify it to include the referrer information. I recommend the second method for now.

Here’s the result (in this example we have a paragraph item (Paragraph module) that has an Entity Reference field within it called field_p_sstory_item):

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Method 1

Patch entityreference.module to include the parent array you see screenshot above

Method 2

Create your own field formatter to include the parent array you see in the screenshot above

This is a basically a replication of the entityreference_entity_view formatter from entityreference.module, with one small change to include the parent entity’s id and entity_type.

Search for the word “referrer” in the code to see what I’ve added.


Now that you have the entity’s referrer you need to do something with it. Perhaps you’re trying to include a field from the referrer entity in the referenced entity. Here’s one way to do this using Display Suite.

Full Content view mode for the paragraph:


Callout single large view mode for the news_item (story) node:



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