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    Lathe Stand Plans

    Here’s my 5-foot adaptation of the lathe stand from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MJZycw5NUF8 (Thanks Keith!)

    Here’s what it took for supplies:

    1. (1) 4×8  3/4 birch plywood
    2. (7) 2×6-8ft
    3. (3) 50lb bags of sand (had to fill trash 4 trash bags because 50lb bags too big)
    4. (1) 4×8 hardboard
    5. Lots of Kreg pocket hole screws
    6. Wood glue
    7. Countersink bits

    My legs are at 5 degrees. The only adaptation I made as I built it was that I needed more room for my feet, so I moved the entire “sand box” up several inches. The only thing this changed was to shorten the length of the two 2×6 cross boards at the bottom (the one that says 9 7/8″ in the drawing).