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Launch Center Pro actions for Day One

Here are my Launch Center Pro actions for the Day One app on iOS. I’m not here to teach you how to use Launch Center Pro (a huge topic), so if you need to learn that I suggest a lot of Googling and perhaps a visit to their official documentation and FAQs. Basically LCP will step you through prompts as it builds the output to move into a new Day One journal entry. Day One supports markdown, so you can make entries that look nice, like this:


Use this LCPEncoder to convert the templates you see below into URLs. After you generate the URL, get it into the “url” field of the LCP action. The method I use to do this (so that I don’t lose special characters and whatnot) is to keep an Evernote note going that contains all of my urls. Evernote syncs the changes to my phone instantly, so I can copy from there and paste into the LCP app when I am creating/updating an action.

Want It or Need It?

Everyone who knows me knows that I enjoy buying gadgets and spending money on my hobbies. Sometimes it’s hard to keep these in check! I’m hoping that if I take the time to log each “want” I can curb some of the impulse buys.

Five Minute Journal – Morning Entry

See and

Five Minute Journal – Evening Entry

See and

What I Should Know (More) About

Generally I think of something “I should know more about” when I realize, “If someone asked me to explain [insert topic here] I’d have no idea how to do so; I should learn about this so I don’t look like an idiot if it comes up in conversation.” Tracking these in Day One will help me remember the date, time, and place when I first realized I don’t know something that perhaps I should.


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  • Henrik

    Hi Adam!
    Does this work on iOS 9? I’ve tried but just get an error message saying that Day One isn’t installed on my iPad.

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